Codejudge Product Updates - Mid March to April 2023

1. Editorial Support for Programming Questions (For Assessments & interviews)

Recruiters can view the editorials(solutions with different approaches to solving a problem) of a few programming questions on the platform. These editorials won't be visible to the candidate. This is just for the recruiters to understand the solution for the problem.

Also,  while adding your own questions, you can add the editorial and then filter such questions by enabling the "Editorial" checkbox on the questions page or while adding questions to a test. 

2. Execution time and memory taken for a programming submission

Recruiters can view the execution time and memory taken by each test case against the solution submitted by the candidate for any programming question.

This enables the recruiters to further judge the candidate's solution on the basis of the level of optimization the candidate has done in their solution(code).

Visit for more information.

3. Zoho ATS integration is live

Recruiters who are using Zoho ATS can integrate with the Codejudge assessments app for sending tests seamlessly from Zoho itself.

Learn more about this.

4. Tracking IP Address Change & Geo location

Now, all the candidate tests have IP address & Geolocation tracking enabled,  can track any material changes in their latitude and longitude as part of an anti-cheating measure and will be made visible in their report as to how many times a candidate's IP Address & location changed while giving the test and they will be flagged accordingly.

5. Enhanced syntax highlighting for Interviews & Developer platform

Now, our programming code editors have the latest code highlighting capability which greatly enhances the candidate experience of giving a programming based live interview & programming assessment.

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