Codejudge Product Updates - April & May 2023

1. New Assessment Types

Introduced whiteboard assessments & Interviews (integration with Excalidraw), diagram-based assessments (integration with, and assessments for data science and machine learning.

2. On-Demand Candidate Result PDF Generation

Enabled recruiters to generate candidate result PDFs on-demand, ensuring the latest scores are reflected in the report.

3. Ability to arrange MCQ Sections

Now, recruiters can arrange MCQ sections in the order they wish to display to the candidates in the assessment. 

4. Manage assessment and interview candidates at one place

Recruiters can manage candidates who have given the assessments or interviews in one single place. Also, they can send out assessments or interviews to them from that page itself, thereby saving time and improving candidate management.

5. Add Custom Redirect URL in Test/Contest configuration

Recruiters can add a "Custom redirect url" in the test/contest configurations. Once the candidate completes the test/contest, they will get redirected to this "Custom redirect url". This way, the recruiter can enhance the brand awareness amongst the candidates by redirecting them to their company's landing page.

6. Enhanced Test/Contest Configuration user experience

Earlier, our test/contest configurations had numerous configurations in the "General" section in the "Configuration" tab which made it difficult to find certain configurations. We have introduced several Configuration sections/categories to ensure quicker access to those configurations.

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