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Test Creation: Using Templates for Efficiency

Codejudge – a powerful tool for hiring managers to streamline candidate assessments. With Codejudge, you can effortlessly create customized tests that evaluate candidates skills and competence for the job. 

Once candidates complete and submit their tests, seamlessly assess their performance in Codejudge. Simplify your hiring process and discover the best talent with Codejudge for Work.

Create New Test


In  Codejudge  you have the power to create Custom Tests tailored to your specific hiring needs. With the ability to design new questions or choose from our extensive Library, including your Company Library, the possibilities are limitless. 

Step 1: Once you log in to the Codejudge recruiter page, navigate to Tests. Click on the Create New Test button.

Step 2: Choose test type from the existing Templates or build a new test. Here we are creating a test from the template. So click on Choose A Template.

Step 3: On clicking  choose a template, you can add filters like select a job role, experience and difficulty level from the dropdown of the given template.

Step 4: Upon selecting the desired job role, experience, and difficulty level, Codejudge presents you with a range of predefined tests from our extensive library. And you click on the Use This Test button to use the same test. 

Step 5: On clicking Use This Test, it takes you to the information page, where you can set the Test Name, Test Description, and Important Note for the assessment. And then click on the Questions button.

Step 6: On clicking the Questions button, it displays all test questions with estimated time and points. In the Questions tab, you can add questions from the Library or create your own. 

Remove existing questions with ease, giving you full control over the assessment content. And then click on the Configuration button.

Step 7: On clicking Configuration, in the left side navigation pane it provides different settings like allowed technologies, test startdate, expiry date, test duration, leaderboard, proctoring and many accessibility control options as per requirement. And then click on the Candidates button.

Step 8: On clicking, the Candidates page will allow you to add candidates by entering their Names and Emails or you can upload Candidate List directly as .csv, .xlsx, .xls format and can also access Test Email Template. And finally click on  publish the test button.

After Publishing the test, all the questions will be saved automatically and the Test is listed on the Tests homepage. It allows you to monitor the actions of the candidates during the test and can provide the results with quality and functionality scores.

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